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Welcome to ryanwold.net

Today, I'm 14932 days old. That's approximately 40 years. I'm grateful to be a son, husband, and father.

I also enjoy creating software, stitching together data, and drawing out ways in which things are like systems.

These are mostly notes to myself. Plus, me working through these thoughts in the open.

Active lines of inquiry

Breadcrumbs of thought

The Somewhat Recent

I had a chance to discuss opportunities for civic tech and bitcoin with Dave and Jack at Unbounded Capital.

I joined Ben at Hired Thought for his inagural podcast We got to talk about Wardley Mapping, Systems Thinking, and how systems problems reveal themselves.

Horizons of Focus

50,000ft Purpose and Principles

30,000ft Horizon 4: 3-5 Year Vision

10,000ft Horizon 3: 1-2 Year Goals and Objectives

5,000ft Horizon 2: Areas of Focus and Accountability

1,000ft Horizon 1: Projects

ground-level Ground: Calendar/Actions

Inspired by this article on GTD.
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