Hi, I'm Ryan ๐Ÿ‘‹

These are mostly notes to myself.

This is more sketchbook than portfolio.

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Works in progress

Each of these projects involve bitcoin and/or civics.

Jurisdictional.org logo


A shared data civic data layer

Basic Bitcoin logo

Team Bitcoin

Bitcoin is for everyone

Orange canvas cylindrical bag with drawstring top, front zipper pouch, and black shoulder strap.


Elixir Livebook + BSV

White canvas tote bag with black drawstring liner and white handle.


An open-source list of taxes

In vain we build the city if we do not first build the man.

Edwin Markham

What's on your mind?

Let's chat about

  • Open-source software development. I write a lot of software using things others have built and I try to share back when possible. I think there are benefits to working in the open.
  • Bitcoin. Bitcoin is for everyone. I'm a fan of Bitcoin, the Scalable Version. I believe in Satoshi's Vision.
  • Baseball. I grew up playing baseball. Walt Weiss era A's fan. Tim Lincecum era Giants fan. Nolan Ryan the greatest. New fan of Elly de La Cruz.
  • Modular Architecture. Houses should work more like Lego blocks. Distributed fab labs in communities can support a paradigm where we can more readily evolve our homes.
Active projects

Ongoing explorations.

  • Adaptics · platonic thoughtshapes and non-geographical maps

  • Afomi · Client work

  • Bitblocks · Bitblocks is an indexer for the bsv blockchain.

  • Commons · Gather around common interests.

  • Entries · Basically my blog.

  • Jurisdictional · A unified interface to government based on public data.

  • Opentecture · Open-source modular housing

  • Personal · Personal musings, notes, and projects

  • Team Bitcoin · baseball, bitcoin, ball caps

  • Workflow · Business Process Models, Business Process Management, BPMN

Inactive projects

Did a thing. Shipped a thing. Shared a thing.

Notes to myself

Working through ideas and thoughts in the open.