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5 days
Thank you _unwriter
chatgpt eventdriven programming bitcoin bitcoinsv

10 days
4 hypothetical scenarios if a top 20 US bank becomes insolvent on more than $150B of assets
chatgpt finance debt

11 days
Working asynchronously
remotework opensource async

15 days
A System to Mint NFTs
chatgpt crypto mint

15 days
Hebbian associative learning
chatgpt elixir neural networks

23 days
data registry chatgpt

27 days
Standard data and Schema.org

27 days
Bitcoin Script

27 days
typescript programming

about 1 month
Elixir Notes & Commands
ruby elixir code

about 1 month
Open source business
open source software programming

about 1 month
Open vs Closed Markets
economics markets choice

about 1 month
A proposal for a city ordinance advocating to preferential treatment of cryptocurrency
crypto ordinance

about 2 months
Cardano Questions
crypto cardano

about 2 months
Citizen Participation
civic participation engagement CX

about 2 months
Quantum key distribution (QKD)
qkd quantum

about 2 months
A general checklist for refactoring a CRUD system to an event-driven CQRS system
software patterns crud cqrs

about 2 months
Tracking taxes
tax citizens systems finance

2 months
Personal overflow of ideas
ideas workflow gtd action

3 months
The relatively small surface area of nonprofits limit impact

3 months
Packaging up a TypeScript library for use in a browser
javascript elixir esbuild jungle bus

3 months
Machine Learning

4 months
5 reasons why open sourcing data is economically viable
opensource opendata askhapi

5 months
People + Technology as the base unit in a socio-technical System, like an Organization
sociotechnical systemsthinking

8 months
What's does the most transparent city look like?
transparency city open source civics

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